This is a collection of my 24-hour comics. (For more about 24-hour comics, as well as the ‘random words’, see About 24-hour comics.)

2004 – Stranger Than Fiction (17 pages)

Stranger Than Fiction

Started Saturday 12 June 2004. Finished Sunday 13 June 2004.
My first attempt at the challenge. Each page re-interprets a separate excerpt from a pile of newspaper clippings that I had collected. I had intended to do 24 pages, but didn’t make the distance – running out of energy and inspiration rather than time.
Random word: Paddywagon

2005 – Maus Watchmen The Dark Knight Returns Title Goes Here (24 pages)

Title Goes Here

Started 10:15am Saturday 11 June 2005. Finished 6:30am Sunday 12 June 2005.
The first of my entries in the challenge to reach the full 24 pages! During the 2005 challenge, fellow Australian cartoonist Doug Holgate and I (working completely independently) both came up with stories featuring moustachioed British gents with robot sidekicks. One of the weirder coincidences in my history of drawing comics!
Random word: Kipper

2006 – The Greatest Story Ever Told (20 pages)

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Started 11am Saturday 10 June 2006. Finished 4:15am Sunday 11 June 2006.
I intended to do the full 24 pages again, but realised at a late stage that the story I had arrived at would not stretch that far. Rather than pad it out unnecessarily, I wrapped it up at the point that felt natural.
Random words: hydrangea, magma (objects), botcharchetype (dialogue), astronautscotsman (characters)
(2006 used a different random words system; see here for more details. I used two words from each category, although although one from each was necessary for eligibility.)

2007 – A Dog’s Life (8 pages)

A Dog's Life

Started 11:15am Saturday 9 June 2007. Finished 9:45pm Saturday 9 June 2007.
Due to other commitments, I had to restrict myself to an 8 page entry in 2007. A Dog’s Life won first place in the 8 page General category of the 2007 Comikaze24 competition.
Random words: flydancebomb

2008 – Last Night (24 pages) (not online)

Last Night

Started 10:52am Sunday 8 June 2008. Finished 7:54am Monday 9 June 2008.
Possibly my most difficult creative experience with the 24 hour comics challenge (I made two false starts, and scrapped several pages from the story I ended up following) but my favourite end result. So far, this is the only one of my 24-hour comics that I have had printed in its original form.
Random words: policeskinquieter

2009 – did not participate

2010 – did not participate

2011 (story #1) – The Bushranger’s Treasure (8 pages)

The Bushranger's Treasure

Started 10:43am Saturday 11 June 2011. Finished 5:15am Sunday 12 June 2011.
Due to various other commitments, I didn’t have a continuous 24-hour period available on the Comikaze weekend in 2011, but I still wanted to participate again. Given the time constraints, I opted for another 8-page entry. A slightly revised version of this story was later published in the Canadian Ghost Tales anthology.
Random words: empiricalsterlingnamed

2011 (story #2) – The Old Abandoned House (8 pages)

The Old Abandoned House

Started 1pm Sunday 12 June 2011. Finished 11:55am Monday 13 June 2011.
This is the second 8-page story I created for the 2011 challenge. I originally hoped to do three separate 8-page stories in 2011 – one on each day of the long weekend – but by the time I finished this one, It was already well into Monday and I was exhausted.
Random words:  favouringshelfjack

2012 – The Mysterious Case of Solstice Magsby (24 pages)

The Mysterious Case of Solstice Magsby

Started 11:09am Saturday 9 June 2012. Finished 10:01am Sunday 10 June 2012.
My third 24-hour comic to reach the full 24 pages. The Mysterious Case of Solstice Magsby won the top prize in the non-Manga category of the 2012 Comikaze24 competition.
Random words: passivecreationlurk

2013 – Out of Time (11 pages)

Out of Time

Started 10:30am Sunday 9 June 2013. Finished 4:00am Monday 10 June 2013.
I went into the 2013 challenge intending to finish no later than midnight and hoping for a 10-page story. It ended up being 11 pages and taking until 4am. I was not impressed with myself.
Random words: findingsightfiguratively
(I also used five of the random words intended for people who started the challenge at other times during the weekend: messyplanconflictchairmodel)

2014 – did not participate

2015 – Sabine and the Gang Of Pi (24 pages)

Sabine and the Gang Of Pi

Started 10:30am Saturday 6 June 2015. Finished 6:00am Sunday 7 June 2015.
Drawn at Tooth & Nail Gallery in the company of a group of other cartoonists.
Random words: vacuumcrisiscaptain

2016 – 2016: A Space Oddity (24 pages)

2016: A Space Oddity

Started 11:05am Saturday 13 August 2016. Finished 10:30am Sunday 14 August 2016.
This was drawn for a private challenge rather than an Australia-wide competition. I drew it in my apartment alongside four other cartoonist friends also undertaking the challenge. (I changed one word after my finish time, but still within the 24-hour window.)
Random words: As this was a private challenge, the random words weren’t necessary to prevent cheating. I did generate some random words as creative prompts, but none of them made it into the story I ended up creating. In case you can detect some connection between the random words and the finished product, they were freakybelowhippobiologicalcompoundlightningcircuitdegrader