The 24-hour comic is a challenge originally conceived by Scott McCloud. The idea is to create a 24-page comic book from scratch in 24 hours.

Since 2002, there has been an annual 24-hour comics event in Australia on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend (the Queen’s Birthday public holiday being the second Monday in June). This event is currently known as the Comikaze 24 Hour Challenge.

Comikaze currently has General and Mature categories (all my entries have been in the General category), and also has 16 page and 8 page categories for those who don’t reach the full 24 pages. (The latter two categories, and therefore some of my efforts in the challenge, don’t meet Scott McCloud’s criteria for a true 24-hour comic, but whatever.)

To minimise cheating and pre-prepared scripts, Comikaze entries are required to incorporate random words that are chosen on the day of the challenge. In the early years, only one random word was required; currently, three random words are used.